Super - Welcome to Graphic Wonderland

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Super – Welcome to Graphic Wonderland

Edited by Thomas Bruggisser, Michael Fries. ISBN: 9783899550054

Following on from their first publication, the acclaimed “Benzin, Young Swiss Graphic Design”, Swiss editors and designers Michel Fries and Thomas Bruggisser have now approached 12 single-minded European designers with a very tempting offer: complete artistic freedom to create and design an entire chapter in “Super – Welcome to the Graphic Wonderland”, a welcome carte blanche to explore the weird and wonderful recesses of their own minds.

United in this vision the participants (a.o. Goldenmasters, Lia/Rev, Matthias Schweitzer, Reala) display surprising, hidden talents – even Norm reveal a decidedly playful side.

February 01. 2003
336 pages, 16,5 × 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89955-005-4

full colour, softcover
Language: English.