Masala collage

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Masala collage by Antonio Merinero

ISBN-10: 8460985288
EAN/ISBN-13: 9788460985280

Masala collage is a project by Antonio Merinero that sets out to spotlight the handcrafted work of the anonymous commercial artists of India, Thailand and elsewhere – a way of championing an art that, in the 21st century, is seriously threatened by the advent of the new digital technologies.

In Masala-collage Merinero explores the cities in search of graphic elements that will inspire his own work, documents the process of creation and finally presents a selection of the finished pieces that delight the eye with their colour and visual impact.


Illustrations: Color

Size: 11 × 16 cm

Page Number: 64

Published by: Blur

Language / ISBN: English-Spanish (8460985288)