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GUM2. Art & Design you can chew on.

GUM2 includes a 184-page book, a 44-page activity book, 9 pop cards, a viewmaster reel, 1 pack of Puma Gummis and three gumballs. All boxed and ready for action. It’s confectious!

GUM2 features Ray Bradbury, Espo on Dalek, Nonconceptual, Chris Yormick, MK12, Interpol, Rudy Vanderlans, Cornelius, Nancy Sinatra, RJD2, Cherrywine, Tim ’ Love’ Lee, Colin Metcalf & kevin Grady. Plus a tribute to Mister Rogers, and new writing from Nigel Planer and Martin Newell.

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OBS: The gummis and gumballs might not be super fresh since GUM2 has been produced a while back. Eat them on your own risk