Finding Eutaw and North DVD

130 NOK
Finding Eutaw and North DVD from WeWorkForThem

“Finding Eutaw and North” is the second dvd from the groundbreaking design firm WeWorkForThem. It includes six new videos, featuring the title video track — a 34 minute ambient architectural interpretation of the mean streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Mixed live on custom video editing software and featuring an original soundtrack, “Finding Eutaw and North” pioneers mesmerizing new terrain in experimental audio-video narrative.

Content: Finding Eutaw and North (34:00), Reservoir Hill (02:00), Pepto (00:34), Four One Oh (00:33), Downhill D (00:10) and Them (00:21).

Attention: NTSC/Regional code is ALL. We recommend this DVD be viewed on set top DVD players. Certain computer based DVD players will encounter a “region” error. If this error occurs please try the disc in a set top player, or in an alternate computer based DVD player.