Antlor - The Deer Departed #1

39 NOK
Antlor – The Deer Departed 1 Limited Series, Design by Kenn Munk

Hunt – Gather – Howl. Killect ‘em all. Design: Kenn Munk/2005

Antlor are paper kits with which you cut out and construct hunting trophies mounted on ’wooden’ plaques to hang on the wall of your den, hunting cabin or glorious cubicle. The kits come in three different designs, limited to 2.000 numbered prints of each design, packed in ziplock bags. The kits also include a blank DIY version, so you get two kits when they buy a bag of Antlor.

The widest one is about 16" inch ( 40.64 cm ) wide when built, the others are about 7-8" inches ( 17.78 – 20.32 cm) tall when built.

Save yourself the trouble of running around in the woods and the mess of chopping off an animal’s head… Killect ‘em all!

Danish designer Kenn Munk is probably best known for his alternative typefaces and dingbats, his design has always been influenced by the Lego bricks and model kits from his childhood, and with his line of paper kits called Antlor – The Deer Departed he’s coming home again.